söndag 14 oktober 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots 


Gratitude * Sunday

A chance to slow down and reflect on the little things in life  

I'm grateful for:

  • the oppurtunity my 12- year old daughter got today to train a pony for 2-3 times a week except for her ordinary weekly lesson. It's a pony which has won the jumping Swedish Championship for young ponnies and  "Beautycontests" as well. It's such an opportunity for her!
  • those delicious apples still falling from beyond reach in our apple tree.
  • to be able to start decluttering the kitchen while my youngest was at my mother in law's
  • a delicious meal cooked by my mother in law.
  • all you inspiring people in the blogosphere who has inspired me, changed my thoughts and  reawakened my dreams and goals.
  • my two-year-old, because he is and so much more, but most because he is 
  • cuddling up in my nine-year-old's bed reading Watership Down.
  • the easy to find connection and conversations with my oldest daughter whenever we're in the same room.

8 kommentarer:

  1. i just love getting good meals. and connecting with your child truly is a blessing.

    1. I try to remind myself of finding a little bit of time with each one of them every day, but it isn't allways easy to manage.

  2. Hello Anneli,
    Thanks for joining Gratitude Sunday.
    Love hearing about your connections with your kids. :)

    Love, Taryn

    1. Thanks for hosting. I'm eager to read about Brackens second birthday.

  3. It's so much easier to do a good clean, if the children aren't around, thank goodness for grandparents who can help out!

    1. I cannot but agree and nod. And it feels great when everything is not just a clutter.

  4. Apples from your tree sound so wonderful, we don't have any fruit trees but I dream of planting some one day. So wonderful to spend good, quality time with your children :)
    annie @ montanasolarcreations

  5. It is wonderful. I hope you get those trees soon.