söndag 29 september 2013

Do I have split personalities?

These kids!

When it was time for lunch today, this beautiful autumn-sunshiny-Sunday, I couldn't find my son. Where was he? In his room? - No. In the basement? -No. Did he use the bathroom? -No. Had he left the house without telling me just 30 minutes before lunchtime and without tidying up his room which I told him this morning? I called his cellphone just to hear it buzzing right beside me. Aaargh! Why didn't he bring it? Just because he doesn't want me to reach him? I called a couple of his friends . He wasn't there. The food was waiting on the table, getting cold, so the rest of us sat down to eat. Later I called another friend and BINGO he was with this friend and his family on a fleamarket. I told them to send him home as soon as they got back.

We were supposed to go to our renovation project, me Lova, Timon and him, right after lunch to continue our work to get the roof on one house finished before winter. We're working on cleaning and brushing the roof tiles to get them up on the roof again. Someone has to entertain the little one from time to time so it would be useful to get him along; two people working with the tiles and one caring for the little one, alternating.

Then he called me. Just to tell me that he had told me that he was going to this particular friend and I had been ok with this. Eh?

Yesterday my daughter was missing in the evening. She was supposed to go to a sleepover at the stable where she's taking riding lessons but a mother of one of her friends called, missing her daughter who had left with my daughter earlier that day. So she wasn't at the stable. Where was she then? I asked my oldest who had been at home the whole day. She didnt know at all where she could be. Only when she had left the house. We tried to call her. She didn't answer. My husband went out looking for her. It was getting darker. Suddenly she called telling him they were at another friend's house. And that she had told her sister before leaving. What did my oldest say after that? That she had told me, when I asked her, that her younger sister had walked downtown. Eh?

Do I have multiple personalities?

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