fredag 10 augusti 2012

10 on 10

Ett sätt att finna, fokusera och fånga livet i vardagen
genom att ta 10 foton under 10 timmar den 10:e dagen i månaden

Morning cosiness

Why such a mess?
We're tired about the annoying fact that we almost never find a lid to fit with the container
that's why we decided to put them all out and try to get them matched.


There happened to be a carrot in the end of the "weed " he pulled up!

Making donuts for tonight!
Noticed the filled plastic bag sin the background?
They're filled with containers and lids that didn't match
and with containers and lids belonging to my mother-in-law.


Big brother had nothing to do, I gave him alist of activities to chose from but he came up with the idea to count the money he got from recycling cans earlier this day


No more donuts 

And that's all from me this friday

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