måndag 24 mars 2014

What I want more of - seeding season

Vi har sått vita bönor, solrosfrön, purjolök och två olika sorters tomater.
Nu efter en vecka börjar tomatskotten titta upp:

What I want more of in my life is to live through the changes of seasons in all forms; I want to live the harvest season like I did last year and with even more joy and intention, picking apples when they're ripe and cook applesauce, dry appleslices, and freeze them. I want to pick the berryseason when it comes, I want to start living the seeding season. I've missed out on it for so many times. 

There will be change, nature hands us change, from the inside life of winter season to the more outgoing which is on it's way. Nature hands us variety within season; a sunny day for sledging in winter, a rainy day for staying inside in summer. And that's the life I want to live. That's what I'm heading for. I want it to lead and define me. 

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