söndag 10 juni 2012

Ten on ten

Ett sätt att finna, fokusera och fånga livet i vardagen
genom att ta 10 foton under 10 timmar den 10:e dagen i månaden

This time we spent half the day (and the evening and night before) on hospital.
Luckily we were able to go home rather quickly.

Do I have to stay in this room?

 Talking to Dad on the phone

 It's very important for the cat to get his medicine 

 Showing the adhesive plaster he got where he had his
injections during the night and morning.
On the infected leg he got a compress

 Daddy, Elvin and Lova has come to get us home

 Stopping by at the playtherapy

At home: Taking a  ride on the bike

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely bridge. Glad to see your little one is feeling better.

  2. Glad your little one got to go home. It is so hard being stuck in those rooms! The bridge and road are beautiful!