fredag 2 augusti 2013

The truth is...

...this is not the whole truth. What a surprise! As if you didn't know that blogs usually not give the whole picture. But at the same time, what I present here is totally true. I write this as an answer to my daughter's comment on my recent post.

This is a place to calm down
This is a place where I want to be
This is a place presenting what I want more of in my life
This is a place where I grow
This is a place where my life, dreams and plans get direction and definition.
This is a place that requires focus which makes me aim for a more focused life in a positive way
This is a place which makes me do more
This is a place which makes my life slow down. It doesn't pass me by as much
This is a place which forces me to at least try to take the time to notice and appreciate and choose what's important
This is glimpses, everyday contemplations once in a while, crafted stuff and occasionally opinions.
This is a place to go back to. 
What did we do at this time last year? 
How did we celebrate this or that? 
What did I want to add for this year?

My life is often chaotic
My life is often messy
My life is often crazy
My life is often stressful
My life is often in despair
It's weariness, annoyance, anger

One child whines
One child laughs an teases
Another is contemptous
And one is simply, silently ignoring

Often they totally drain me

Then there are these precious moments that I want to hold on to, these moments that I'm now able to catch and cling on to.

This is a place where I can put some of these moments
This is a place where I learn to notice and focus on the beauty in life
Sometimes afterwards
But I'm heading for presence
I'm getting closer to now

At least I'm never flashy
At least I'm never hollow

I'm not superficial

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