söndag 20 januari 2013

Gratitude Sunday

G r a t i t u d e  *  S u n d a y
{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.} 

Throughout the week I've felt grateful for: 

  • Four new vegetarian recipies tried out this week successfully. I feel grateful for these meals that I managed to cook with pleasure, presence and purpose without rushing and with my youngest son by my side or playing with his own kitchen nearby
  • A meal cooked by my 9-year-old 
  • nice little chats and dreamweaving future-plans with my twelve year old
  • the wonderful winterweather today on a walk in the sun with my youngest ( not feeling very well today) in the stroller and the 12-year-old by my side
  • the beautiful glistening snow
  • wonderful raw chocolate dessert created by me and my youngest, eaten without remorse
  • my husband staying at home for a whole saturday
  • Tidying up together 
  • laundry folded and put away by the kids
  • dishwasher emptied by the kids
  • dancing christmas out in our livingroom and all around the house early this week stretching out on it just a little bit longer in our home
  • installing our new refrigerator and freezer this weekend - we really needed those
  • cleaning out old stuff at the same time
  • childhood memories of my older brother
joining Taryn at Wooly moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday

4 kommentarer:

  1. A tidy house is a great thing to have especially when you have help!

  2. Simply reading your lovely list has me reflecting more on gratitude. Thank you.

  3. Det låter som en fin vecka :)